Sul sul! This is where you’ll find stories of the challenges and legacies I’m playing or have played, lots I’ve done, and sims I’ve created. I don’t use CC in my creations, relying solely on what’s been created in official packs to make my creations, so you can download safely. If that ever changes, I’ll be sure to mark that it has CC and provide links to what was used.

For gameplay, I use Deaderpool’s awesome mod MCCC. This keeps my town alive and well populated, and adds a few interesting tweaks that makes for fun times in my gameplay!

For tracking family trees I use both the Plum Tree App and Family Echo. Plum Tree is great because it’s designed completely for use with The Sims! All the traits, aspirations, and life states are included, and it’s super easy add a headshot of your sim. The downside is that you can only track and see one portion of your family line easily. You have to set up another family tree to track other portions of the family. That’s why I also use Family Echo. That way as children marry out, and others with extended families (after a couple generations of play) are added in, you can easily track all of them and see them on one tree.

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